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  • A Japanese No theater mask - Pentatomid bug (Carpocoris sp in Villemus, Alpes de Hte Provence) width:490;;height:480
  • Smiley bug (Staganomus amoenus - Pentatomidae in Villemus Alpes de Hte Provence) width:640;;height:424
  • Crab spider (Thomisus onustus, Thomisidae, at Villemus, Alpes de  Hte Provence) width:361;;height:480
  • Plane tree bark. Marais de grande Ile, Mennecy, Essonne width:342;;height:480
  • Some critters are hiding  in tree barks (Birch, Courcouronnes,jardin) width:640;;height:428
  • Hiding in an old trunk... width:640;;height:428
  •  the Common Brimstone, Gonepteryx rhamni (Pieridae - Mennecy) width:385;;height:480
  • The Heart and Dart, a noctuid moth (Agrotis exclamationis, Courcouronnes, June 2015) width:640;;height:424
  • Malacosoma neustria (Lasiocampidae - Bois de Saint Vrain, June 2016) width:640;;height:480
  • Male raising his abdomen to display the color spots (Courcouronnes, Aqueduc de la Vanne, September 2017) width:640;;height:424
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